What is a Jake?

Noun: jakes

A term for a firefighter, used mostly in the Northeast U.S.A., especially in the Boston area. The term is normally used by firefighters, speaking of other firefighters. To be a “good jake” is a very high form of praise from fellow firefighters. The origin is not officially known, but it probably came from the years before radios were invented, and installed in fire apparatus. In those days, firefighters would communicate with the central fire alarm communications center by Morse Code, using a tapper inside a fire alarm box key know as a J-key. If a firefighter was good at sending Morse Code, he was known as a, “good J-key” It became “Jakey” and then, simply, “Jake”.

Usage: That crew over at Engine 4 are a bunch of good Jakes!

Ben Hogan Get Jakes

About Ben Hogan, Founder

Ben Hogan is the founder of GetJakes.com. If you ask his wife Karen, she will tell you she has heard him talk about this idea every week for the past seven years. It all started when Ben’s dad and business partner Mike kept asking him if he had a friend on the fire department who could do …….well, everything. As you can guess, Ben knew someone or someone who knew someone, and Ben would always keep a list of Jakes with certain trades to recommend to friends and family who needed jobs done around the house. This is what started this adventure. Why not create a site where everyone can have access to the most trusted and loyal people out there: your local firefighters?

Ben is a career firefighter-paramedic in Western Massachusetts. He has been involved in the fire service since he was 16 years old, starting out as a junior volunteer firefighter. Ben took a break from the fire service and EMS to enlist in the United States Army where he served four years active duty as a medic. As soon as he got out of the Army, he was back at it, working on the ambulance and as a call member then eventually where he currently is today.

Ben resides in Southampton, Massachusetts, with his best friends, his wife Karen, their parents, and their son Killian. Ben and his wife are both passionate about fitness and health; you can find them at a CrossFit gym or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. However, their favorite thing to do is spend time with their redheaded hellraiser Killian and their two dogs, Jolene and Millie. Ben spends his time unwinding in his workshop tinkering with his 1959 Ford F100, trying to act like he knows what he’s doing.